Leeds In Cake!

It’s not everyday that you go shopping and find yourself surrounded by huge cake sculptures. I found this occurrence far too unique to keep to myself. Cake anyone?

So the deal is, I went shopping with the girls recently in Leeds and just after experiencing a false alarm evacuation whilst being stuck on the top floor of the Trinity centre, amongst a ridiculous amount of Saturday shoppers, our eyes were diverted to a delicious display below. Leeds in cake!


The space were open to the public to peruse, of whom were given a free sample of cake once getting to the end, yummy! It has to be noted that the queues were getting a little more intense once we had finished, but thankfully we were amongst the very lucky first few – phew! The delicacy were displayed in the Trinity centre, Leeds, from Saturday 14th until Friday 20th.

I hope you enjoyed the evidence of edible excellence above, did you get a chance to sample this delight for yourself? I don’t know about you but I really want cake now!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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