Introducing the Beauties On Fire!

Hey hey! Today I have another update for you, however, this is one of which is a very exciting update indeed!

For the past month or so I have been in regular contact with a group of exceptionally lovely ladies and I’m delighted to be introducing Beauties on Fire, of which is a huge and especially exhilarating collaboration with a number of incredibly talented bloggers. They’re an absolutely fantastic bunch of ladies and I implore you to venture over to their blogs as soon as you have finished here. We will be working together to present you with individual and unique fashion and beauty posts on a weekly basis. Each week we will be involving readers through polls pertaining to the following weeks theme, so be sure to check us out on Twitter to join in with the fun, all contact links can be found further down this post. To welcome my own blog into this venture I’ll be answering some introductory questions below and also leaving links for my new friends involved in this project.

1. Tell us a little about your blog and why you decided to start blogging.
My blog would be most easily categorised as Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, although I often post book reviews and some pet care posts, too. For a number of years I had been reading a vast amount of other people’s blogs and wanting to get involved myself yet always being held back by my own self doubt! Last year I finally gave myself the push I needed and I haven’t looked back once! I’m passionate about writing and the topics I post to my blog are an extension of myself. I wrote about my reasons for starting a blog and other such things in my very first post “Disaster Davis Strikes Again” and you can of course read even more about my blog on my ‘About’ page.

2. How long have you been blogging?
I will be celebrating my first year blogging anniversary on the 1st of October!

3. Do you consider yourself to be a fashion blogger, beauty blogger or both?
I’m both a fashion and beauty blogger. Whilst I typically post a larger amount of beauty related posts, I have however attained the Nepali Australian award for Best Fashion Blog 2015! For more information on this please read my post “Best Fashion Blog 2015”.

4. List three things you love to do besides blogging.
I could list many more than three things, although I will settle for reading, creative writing and watching and/or creating machinima.

5. Can you describe your style? Also, what is your must have fashion piece?
I can’t say that I have any one set style, I’m ridiculously versatile when it comes to my clothing and I switch things up depending on my mood, the weather, or literally based on any random and insignificant reason! I would say I probably opt for the rock chick kind of look the most, however. My must have fashion piece would definitely have to be my Bertha Signature Betsy Watch, as I wear this with literally every outfit!

6. What style of make-up do you enjoy the most: natural/trendy/glam? Also, what is one product you can’t live without and why?
This is rather difficult for me to have a straight answer for, as my preferences on this differ depending on the time of day! I adore any kind of make-up looks and I’m enthusiastic to always try new styles and products. Through the day I’m definitely in favour of a more natural look then on and evening I like to glam it up a little! One thing that never changes however is my obsession for a red lip! If I can manage to get away with this even in the day time, then I sure will take advantage of the fact! My must have product would have to be my foundation of which my current foundation of choice is the Max Factor 3 in 1, being a primer and concealer too!

Elisabeth: Everything and Nothin
Catherine: My Point of Beauty
Robin: Vivendi LLC
Rochelle Huie:
Rossy: AYR Galaxy
Caleigh: Lashes & Rouge
Aqy: Skinny Decxf Latte
Tonee: Infoélla
Bethany: Frying The Nest
Johnnielynn: XoJohnnielynn
Jess: The Indigo Hours
Jackie: StylisticReaction
Emily D: Emily Hearts
Brie: Laqing In Creativity
Emily: Beauty By Emix
Nabiya: nabiyazakiblog
Sandeep: ThatFashionableGirl
Carmarie: Beauty Style & Charm
Katie: Welcome To This, Not Sure What It Is
Sydney: Me, Take Three
Letonya: Champion Life


I hope you’re as excited as myself and the other ladies involved for this collaboration. Be sure to check our our hashtag on Twitter (#BeautiesOnFire) and don’t forget to check out the blogs above! To easily navigate posts from each of us on a weekly basis, be sure to click the Beauties On Fire logo which will quickly direct you over to Elisabeth’s page where you will find the link ups at the bottom! I can’t wait to get started, be sure to vote in our weekly polls and feel free to suggest your own themes!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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30 thoughts on “Introducing the Beauties On Fire!

  1. AAA I am so so so so so happy you have joined the collab girl!! Great introduction post and I LOVE all the photos!! You are so beautiful!! I love how versatile you are and you literally can rock any style! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the themes! You are just awesome!!!


    • I’m ecstatic that you’ve welcomed me into this! Yourself and all of the other ladies have been so amazing, I couldn’t find a better group to take part in a collaboration with if I tried! Thank you so much! You’ve literally just made my day, and says you lady! Have you seen how gorgeous you are, and how much freakin’ talent you have? Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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