#BeautiesOnFire – As heavenly as Hepburn?

Hello beauties! Today marks the official start of the #BeautiesOnFire collaboration, if you’re unsure as to what exactly this is then don’t hesitate to read yesterday’s post “Introducing the Beauties On Fire!”, to head straight into the fun and games of week one however, then continue reading!

You may be able to detect a little excitement contained within my writing today and you would be definitely observing this successfully, myself and the other ladies are all absolutely ecstatic to be finally starting this collaboration officially and what a fantastic way to start with our first weeks theme being none other than… Classic beauty! When I think of classic beauty my mind is filled with images of winged liner, flawless but natural skin and of course, the timeless red lip! If you’re a regular reader then you may have previously noted that I’m more than in favour of a red lip, therefore the classic beauty theme has left me almost bouncing from the walls in excessive euphoria!

ca. 1954, USA — Portrait of Audrey Hepburn in 1954. — Image by © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

Elisabeth shared a fun quiz with us ladies of which tells us which ‘classic beauty’ we are, if you’d like to do this yourself then click here! I got the result of Audrey Hepburn which I found to be quite coincidental as I had already planned to base today’s make-up look on her, with a slight cat eye and red lip. I used a very minimal amount of bronzer for my contour as I wanted quite a bare and very natural look, although with the recent sun burn on my face that were going to already present a slight challenge. Below you will find pictures of the completed look and a list of the products I used.

Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 Foundation – Beige 55
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1
Collection Pressed Powder – 01 Candelight
Bourjois Liner Feutre – 14 Noir Moka
Make-Up Revolution London Pressed Highlighter – Hidden Lights
Bourjois Bronze & Highlight Duo – 55
Sleek Blush – Antique 142
P.S, Love Liquid Liner – Black
Model’s Own Hyper Eyes Mascara – Black
P.S, Love Volumising Ultra Black Mascara
P.S, Love Lip Liner – 03 Red
MAC Matte Lipstick – Viva Glam

I hope you enjoyed my first #BeautiesOnFire post, be sure to check back next week for ‘Summer Style’ and don’t forget to check out everyone else’s posts by clicking the logo above! What’s your ideal classic beauty look?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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