Focus on the ever famous favourites – November

Another month has flown by and it’s that time again, after discovering my loves for this month why not stop by my past favourites posts below?



Make-Up Revolution London Nail Polish – Taupe
Due to not going out anywhere I haven’t really been using make-up apart from to do my weekly #BeautiesOnFire posts, therefore the cosmetics side of things are rather lacking this month. I have instead been painting my nails a considerable amount more than is usual, as I’m finally managing to grow them a little, woohoo! So today I’m showcasing a new love from last years advent calendar. The colour isn’t showing very well in this picture unfortunately, but this is a taupe colour which I’d say definitely has a more purple undertone. This comes out a stunning colour on the nails and I feel is perfect for this time of year. For such an inexpensive brand they’ve yet again nailed their products! (No pun intended)


Primark’s Creative Colouring Book
This thing is a god send, stress reliever and boredom breaker all in one. There’s some really pretty pictures to colour in and honestly I love it. It keeps me out of trouble and is a good way to just sit and reset myself when I’m feeling particularly stressed out. We all need to be children for a little while, kids really know how to live!

Pukka Pad Project Book
I picked this up in a local Asda for a couple of quid and it’s literally been a life saver for me with the blog! I keep everything blog related in here and it already has five dividers meaning I can easily separate my collaboration posts from my usual posts and my monthly schedule etc! This has probably been the best organisational tool I’ve ever had because it doesn’t involve messing around with my own dividers, plastic wallets and such, I just open, write and close, job done! Oh, it also has little pockets on each divider so I can pop in loose sheets if I’ve been on the go and not had the pad with me.

Undercover – Danielle Steel
I think we’re all aware by now that I have an obsession for Danielle Steel, she’s amazing! This book were so different from her usual and I loved it. I’ll most definitely be writing up a review of this at some point in the not too distant future, so I’d keep an eye out for that if you’d like to know more!


Harry Potter PJs
So Primark has done it again with it’s amazing variety of Harry Potter stuff! It’s always the first place I run to as soon as I step in the store, I’m a little beyond obsessed and my new pjs are definitely included in this obsession. These are long pjs, perfect for colder weather and they feel so damn snuggly it’s unreal! I’m in love. Obviously I picked up Gryffindor ones, who wouldn’t? The colour is perfect, the Gryffindor house crest is spot on and arghhh I just adore them, GET ME TO HOGWARTS ALREADY!

Snow Leopard Fleece Throw
This has a hood, it’s fluffy, warm, and the cutest damn fleece throw I have ever witnessed in my entire existence. This hasn’t moved from my side since I got it. Is it possible to be smitten with an item? Okay, good.. Because I am! I have never known anything more snug, it’s perfect.


Last but not least, a bit of a weird one but whatever! I’m obsessed with the two above websites at the minute, Wowcher and TamBeauty. Wowcher is a UK site which has a ridiculous amount of amazing discounted items, you can find literally anything on here. If you’ve heard of Groupon, then this is basically another Groupon, although I somehow feel better about Wowcher, it seems easier to order from them somehow.. Although I’ve had great experiences with both. Another website of which I’ve recently discovered by chance is TamBeauty, as you’ve probably guessed, this is one for cosmetic lovers! My favourite drugstore brand is easily Make-Up Revolution London, what does TamBeauty stock? Yes, that’s right, Make-Up Revolution London, amongst a few others such as a new cosmetics range from Katie Price and a brand named Freedom. I made a purchase from here this month and I’m ridiculously excited about it, it’s a gift to me from my Nanna, for Christmas.. So I haven’t been able to play with the items yet, but otherwise, I’m a very very happy bunny! I’ll most likely be doing a full review on these sites at a later date, I’m literally THAT damn satisfied. If you haven’t already, get over there and take a look around, on both.. You’ll be sure to pick up some amazing bargains for Christmas!

Do we have any of the above loves in common? Please share your own delights in the comments below as I adore trying new things – it could very well become a shared fixation! If you enjoy discovering what my addictions are then please leave me a like or better yet, a follow!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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8 thoughts on “Focus on the ever famous favourites – November

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    • I’m obsessed with them! Saying that, I’m obsessed with anything Harry Potter ha ha! I so wish I’d have got my letter to Hogwarts, I’d have totally aced my OWLs and NEWTs, I’d have done a million times better there than the High School I attended ha ha! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀

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