Love it or Loathe it? Our Song by Dani Atkins

I love a good book, I love it even more when the book in question gives me enough to be excited about that I feel the need to shout a recommendation from the rooftops. Today’s will be the last book review of 2016, if you’d like to read my previous reviews I’m linking them below, now to get into the good stuff!

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The Single Girl’s To-Do List – Lindsey Kelk
My Map of You – Isabelle Broom
See Me – Nicholas Sparks


The first thing I observed is the wintery theme used for the cover of this book, it’s been made to look like fallen snow and on the back there’s fairy lights, personally I find this to look ridiculously cute – I love it! Once you start reading it’s made clear that the book is set a little before Christmas, a perfect read to get cosy with at this time of year, right? There’s evidently some form of love triangle going on based on what is printed on the cover, a definite hook!


Now the first thing that grabbed my attention with the blurb were the quote, “Fans of Me Before You will love this.” Due to said book being already one of my favourites I were of course enthralled with the notion that this could be just as good. The blurb really doesn’t give much away but I personally love that fact! Mystery is compelling!


I hadn’t noticed this until I came to read the book but there were a kind of second blurb hidden on the inside. This gives a little more insight into the story however don’t be fooled into thinking you have it all worked out because you most certainly don’t. There are surprises and shocks in store from the beginning to the very end, with everything fitting into place in the most incredible of ways. There are also many quotes from different readers included before getting into the story, all of which represent an utterly compelling read of which fully absorbs the reader, there is clear exceptional praise given and I have to confirm that every word is absolutely correct!

Our Song will ruin you, you’ll become so engaged with the story and characters that it will feel real as it burrows under your skin, different plot points will lead you to change your opinion of the characters numerous times and you will most definitely and undoubtedly be reduced to floods of tears by the end of it and, in fact, throughout. It has an exceptionally intricate plot which has been written remarkably well and evidently with a clear focused plan behind it. I feel that the story goes the way it probably should do although that in no way means that it isn’t bittersweet because it indisputably is. Prepare to have your mind blown, feelings and emotions challenged, and for an impressively captivating and thought provoking read. It’s needless to say that I’d recommend this as it’s gained a spot in my all time favourites and it’s an absolute must read for all fans of Me Before You. You won’t regret it, despite your puffy face and shattered heart by the end.

So will you be taking a ride on this emotional roller-coaster? If you have already then please do leave me a comment as I’d love to know what you thought! After that be sure to hit the follow button so you’ll never have to miss a post, there’s plenty more literary reviews where this came from.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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3 thoughts on “Love it or Loathe it? Our Song by Dani Atkins

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    • You DEFINITELY need to read Our Song if you enjoyed Me Before You, I honestly can’t choose which I enjoyed the most out of the two. They’re insane! That is literally an amazing goal! Reading is life ha ha! x


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