Most Loved of 2016: The List in Full

Well give me a sleigh and call me Santa! How the hell has it got to the end of 2016 already? Well I guess this means that it’s time for a yearly favourites, so grab a cuppa and get comfortable because I’m listing the previous posts for you to peek at afterwards too!



Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 Foundation – Beige 55
It’s possible that you’ve got sick of me talking about this product this year, but it’s amazing, okay?! It’s a 3 in 1 primer, concealer and foundation with added SPF 20. Boots tend to usually have a three for two offer on a range of brands, Max Factor included, so considering you can get three bottles of a 3 in 1 for around £25 it would be crazy to not be amazed by this! In all honesty I prefer this to MAC, my skin doesn’t feel so clogged up and I can use only the one product, cutting down my make-up application time considerably. Earlier this year I wrote a post about a selection of drugstore foundations I tested, do feel free to give it a read and you can learn more about this there!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1
I’m sure much isn’t required to be said about this, it seems that beauty lovers everywhere share an adoration for this product. Cheap, cheerful and does the job better than many high end concealers – spot on!

P.S, Love Flat Foundation Brush
Cheap yes, but it does the job much better than past brushes I’ve owned. I’m not sure what it is exactly but whilst other cheap brushes streak constantly, this hasn’t. Without fail I will always head to Primark when in need of an update!

Bourjois Bronze & Highlight Duo – 55
It’s quite clear that this gets a lot of use from me as it’s another item to consistently reappear in my posts. Whilst I definitely use the bronzer the most I can’t argue that it isn’t handy to have the highlight too, I’ll often use that when I don’t want a prominent pigmentation pay off. I like this bronzer because it’s easily buildable and I find it blends well. A bonus is the smell, I want to eat it!

Sleek Blush Antique 142
Favourite. Blush. Ever! This is so pretty it’s unreal, I prefer a blush to be more bronze than pink, this is perfect! The pigmentation is absolutely spot on and it’s something I’d repurchase without a doubt. Although, the product lasts a pretty long time so I shouldn’t need to for a while! My only irritation is that the casing it’s in is a pain to get open!

Make-Up Revolution London Pressed Blush – Now
To say I aren’t a huge fan of blush I’ve done well with finding new loves this year. Again, this is more bronze toned than pink, actually it’s more of a tanned peach with slight particles of glitter. This is a nice subtle colour for everyday use, can be built on and blends like a dream.

Make-Up Revolution London Mono Eyeshadow – Delicious
Yet another well used product, I actually use this one to fill in my brows! It’s the perfect brown, has insane pigment and stays in place perfectly, I find it’s perfect especially for more natural daytime looks. This would also be amazing used in the outer V for a brown smoky eye.

Make-Up Revolution London Eyes Like Angels Palette
My saviour, my one and only, the holy grail of anything, ever! I’ve never loved an eyeshadow palette as much as I do this little beauty! There’s 32 shades ranging from neutral to bright and bold and are either matte or sparkly. There are colours in here for everyone and any look you could wish to create. As always with Make-Up Revolution London, the pigmentation is unparalleled and the product quality is just as good or better than high end brands. This drugstore delight will always have my heart.

Sleek i-Divine Sunset Palette
This is another palette I’ve played with a good amount of times and whilst a few of the shades are quite similar there’s also a couple of insanely bright colours hiding away in here, with astonishing pigmentation. Something that many won’t care about but which I quite like is the names of the different shades, such as horizon, solstice and dusk, how pretty are they?! Applied with a light hand some of these colours would be lovely to use for a daytime look although they’re sure to make heads turn on a night when going bold. This palette is just too damn brilliant, the sponge tipped applicator included isn’t actually too bad either to say I normally despise them.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Like the Collection concealer this is another widely talked about item. The Naked Smoky palette screams luxury, as it well should with it’s price tag, I however can’t fault it, as much as I’m sure I could get by with the likes of MURL it is nice to have something as beautiful as this in my possession. A favourite time to use this is of course on big nights out. The quality is flawless and it has the prettiest smoky colours imaginable. It’s just a total babe and the brush is the absolute dream brush for blending!

Model’s Own Hyper Eyes Mascara
I think the first time I mentioned this may have been in the My Model’s Own Experience post and I stand by everything I first said there. This mascara is amazing for separating and lengthening the appearance of lashes, whilst never applying clumpy. It lacks in body but that’s fine when opting for an effortless no make-up look and on an evening another mascara can be simply used over the top. I find the wand on this to be great for application as it isn’t bulky, reducing the risk of me taking an eye out with it, or leaving myself a glorious black feathered pattern across my face.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick – Iris
I’ve probably gone on about this countless times throughout this year and that’s especially likely around the back end of the year as I feel the colour and texture is perfect for the Fall to Winter months. It’s a gorgeous well pigmented berry shade which is gloriously moisturising on the lips, gliding on and keeping them deliciously hydrated. I always want to eat it because it smells and tastes incredible. I’m not sure I can adequately describe the smell but if I could sit and smell it all day then I would, it’s heavenly.

Avon Spectrum 100 Lipstick – Russet
Make-Up is meant to have an expiration date, right? Oh well, sod it. I found this in my Mom’s collection absolutely years ago and stole the lot – I since had a clear out and kept only the products that still seemed to be fine to use, this being one of them, however, it isn’t until more recently that I tested it out. The shade is a lovely dark red which when applied to the lips is a stunning and true bright red. Like this is literally THE perfect red lip. What I love the most is how long lasting it is and that it doesn’t dry out my lips. I adore a red lip in the winter and would normally wear my MAC Viva Glam, though it’s a matte which dries out my lips so so bad. This Avon Spectrum is the answer to my prayers!


Model’s Own Colour Chrome – Rose Gold
This is a stunning rose colour with a slight gold undertone. The colour chromes are all flawless and dry unbelievably fast. The rose gold is easily my favourite and pairs up perfectly with the polish below.

Model’s Own – Pink Fizz
As would be expected this is more of an overlay but can be used alone and still look lovely. There’s an impressive amount of sparkle which transfers to the nail, unlike many others like it. As stated, this looks absolutely incredible when used together with the rose gold Colour Chrome.

Make-Up Revolution London – 11 Mauve
I got this polish out of last years advent calendar and to say it’s such a simple no frills product I love it. It’s a very pale mauve which appears a slightly pinkier colour on the nail, very pretty yet understated and classy.

P.S, Love Nail Polish
I’d probably describe this as a teal shade but it definitely has a deeper green tinge, it’s very bright and a beautiful colour which is perfect for summer use, for 80p at Primark you really can’t go wrong, there’s a lot of product in there, too.


Peach Dress – Boohoo
You’ll recognise this from my previous post First Impressions – 5 Reasons why I adore Boohoo, I were happy then and remain happy now. The colour and style of this dress is spot on, it’s such a good quality and is comfortable to wear. Just a little crazy to get on!

Not Interested Jumper – Primark
The fuzzy lining on the inside of this makes it perfect for the colder weather, so warm and snug it’s unreal. I could live in this full time and it suits my anti-social/socially awkward moods perfectly!

Deathly Hallows Crop – Black Milk
I’m sorry but exactly how frickin’ sensational is this little beauty? Just look at it! I’m in love. Crop tops are often worn by me, I just really enjoy pairing them with disco pants and heels, but Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter! I’m in heaven. Black Milk make some of the coolest things ever, this is definitely one of them and it’s reversible too – how epic is that?! My better half definitely has the best choice in women’s clothing ever imaginable. ❤


Undercover – Danielle Steel
The One We Fell In Love With – Paige Toon
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K. Rowling
Our Song – Dani Atkins
See Me – Nicholas Sparks

A few of these I’ve already reviewed and they’re linked so you’re able to read more, if you would like a review of the others don’t hesitate to let me know!


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With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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