Happy New Year from Disaster Davis and AYR Galaxy!

I don’t usually post on a Saturday but I have a special announcement from myself and the lovely Rossy, we’re also collaborating together tonight to bring you our favourite New Years Eve inspired looks just in time for tonight’s crazy antics and party’s!


Typically a New Years Eve make-up look will consist of a flawless base, a red lip, smoky eyes and a tonne of glitter and sparkle! I wanted to create something along these lines but a little more vampy! I’ve listed the products I used below, naturally.


Max Factor Face Finity Foundation – Beige 55
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1
George Silk Finish Pressed Powder – No 01 Translucent
Bourjois Highlight & Bronze Duo – 55
Make-Up Revolution London Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette (Top Row 2, 3 and 4 Bottom Row 3)
Colour Couture Brow Pencil – Brown
Manfei Glitter Palettes (Shades: White, Pale, Gold and Black)
Bourjois Liner Feutre – 11 Noir
Colour Couture Eye Crayon – Black
Colour Couture Eye Crayon – Bronze/Gold
Colour Couture Liquid Eye Liner – Black
Colour Couture Glitter Eye Liner – Gold
Model’s Own Hyper Eyes Mascara
Colour Couture Mascara – Black
Little Gold Stars – House of Fraser Advent
Make-Up Revolution London Beyond Vamp Matte Lipsticks (Ultra Vamp Matte and a little Beyond Vamp)


Now for that announcement! Myself and the beautiful and insanely creative Rossy have been in discussion for a little while regarding a collaboration! We both have busy lives and #BeautiesOnFire already therefore decided on posting this only once a month, this new ‘Beauty Bingo’ collaboration won’t be taking up one of my weekly posting slots but will instead be an additional post on the third Tuesday of each month. I hope you’re as excited as we both are about this, we can’t wait to get started and I just know this is going to be such a fun challenge to take part in and I’m sure we’ll both uncover some unexpected but incredible looks due to it. So if you aren’t already then be sure to head on over to Rossy’s blog and give her a follow, you will hear more about this from the both of us on January 17th!


Would you rock today’s look? What is your idea of the perfect NYE beauty look? Whatever your plans for the evening remember to stay safe and have fun. Happy New Year, I hope 2017 will bring you amazing experiences and opportunities.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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15 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Disaster Davis and AYR Galaxy!

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  2. YES! Perfect! I wasn’t sure whether to use silver or gold for my look (as both colors are typically used for NYE). I think that I’m going to do gold eye makeup tonight because you just make it look so awesome with a dark lip. I may go with a lighter lip color though because I’m going to be drinking and don’t want it to fade LOL
    Very awesome job on this look though lovely! I’m very excited about this collaboration! So thanks for agreeing to it 🙂 My post just went up as well 🙂


    • I kind of just went with the new bits and bats I had in front of me! I got a beauty advent so I wanted to test out a few bits and this is where it took me ha ha! I agree they are, I used to adore using silvers but I feel like gold seems to suit me better somehow. I’m loving dark lips so much right now, I’ve been wanting some really dark lipstick colours for ages!

      Ohh what, get a matte one on and you’ll be fine! Thank you my sweet, so am I and you’re more than welcome, the same goes for you! It has indeed, I’ve got you all linked up now lovely, can’t wait to have a proper read of it in the morning! I hope you’re having an amazing night, Happy New Year!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL. Now that you mention it, gold looks better on me too. Which is why I never got silver jewelry. It should work the same way for makeup don’t you think? LOL And I love dark lippies too but I unfortunately don’t rock them often.

        And I did. I wore a matte lipsticks, (the NYX liquid Suede in Sandstorm–my favorite, lol). My cousins were all wearing dark makeup looks and I was over here with light golden tones LOL. Althought it seems, we wore almost the same shade of lipsticks LOL.


      • I’m the total opposite when it comes to jewellery, gold drives me mad but white gold I’m obsessed with ha ha! It makes it so awkward when it comes to matching my outfits and make-up looks with it! Typical that I have to be awkward. I haven’t much either, but that’s mostly because I haven’t ever really had any, now I have a few in my collection I’m going to get the most out of them before Spring comes round! Ooo that sounds pretty! I haven’t got any NYX stuff as of yet, I’ve been meaning to have a little peek at some things!

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      • Lol nice. I should probably try to wear my dark shades too then.
        And you really should if you get the chance to buy any NYX stuff. I recommend lip products because they’re amazing, and also their jumbo eye pencils.


      • I recently got some big eye pencils in an advent calendar, amazing aren’t they?! They’re not NYX specifically, but I’ve become borderline obsessed ha ha! I might just treat myself so something in the sales! 😉

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      • Ha ha I might have started looking at pretty clothes in the sales! Then I got totally distracted and made a new board on Pinterest. Urgh cleaning, I feel for you there. I’m having a PJ day today because I feel like death.

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    • Thank you! I’m so excited for it it’s unreal, I’ve never done the bingo challenge before so it’s going to be so much fun to take part in! I’ve been itching to get this announcement out since Rossy and I started plotting and planning ha ha! We both love you too lady! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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