5 Goals for 2017 and reflecting on the past year

We are now a little over half way through the first month of a fresh new year and of course I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I’d like to achieve in 2017 and reflecting on how I did with my 2016 goals. Fancy joining me on this journey and simultaneously thinking about kicking ass with your own life? Come on then!


New Years 2015 I decided on my goals, sharing them with you and coming up with many you could have considered for yourself in my post Reach your Resolutions, I’d decided my 2016 goals were as follows:

1. Be happy and more mentally stable
2. Get healthy
3. Establish a skincare routine
4. Get tidy and become organised
5. Learn to drive
6. Get my first tattoo

A few weeks into the year I decided to take an initial look at how well I’d started off with them, documenting my findings in the post Recalling Resolutions then again in Resolution Reflection after the six month mark! It seems that I started off pretty impressively with many, the ones of which I could do, anyway, as goals such as my tattoo were time specific! Six months down the line and I weren’t doing quite as well, yet were still pleased with my progress in some aspects, comparative to past years. Again, the tattoo couldn’t be ticked off my list yet, not until September 27th, though I were in need of at least starting to consider choosing a tattoo artist of which I’d be happy with. Overall I were looking forward to seeing how the next six months would pan out for me, would I accomplish any of my resolutions for the first time?


1. So by the end of 2016, were I happy and more mentally stable? I have to laugh at this.. I mean, will I ever be mentally stable? It’s me, I’m some form of frickin’ alien! No but in all seriousness, this one is always going to be more of a work in progress, as it would be for anyone. Life has natural ebbs and flows, for me though, yeah it went completely and utterly to pot once more. Due to mostly, my working conditions, I started to become quite ill physically, which then had a knock on effect, of course, in other areas of my life and health in general. I felt completely trapped and all out of options, therefore deteriorating more and more, finally ending with a full blown breakdown, physically as well as mentally. So back to the GP it were and back on medication, which I feel has done absolutely nothing for me despite the multiple increases in dose, accompanied also by being signed off work and onto sick leave. I completely shut down, it may have even been the worst I’ve been, I aren’t sure. Due to a hopeless reception from Leeds IAPT previously in the year I were of course feeling apprehensive about having to reach out to them once more, and this is a whole other story. On the whole I ended off the year incredibly all over the place… Though I had finally started to get some support from Leeds IAPT and had done everything I could for myself in order to fight my desolate state. Lets hope that with some professional support that I may be able to see improvements in 2017!

2. The second of my goals were to get healthy, I wanted to establish a sleeping pattern that worked, eat better and get active. What started out amazing for me went to the dogs before the year were out. Where’s that sleeping pattern at? What’s one of those?!

3. A skincare routine is something I have always lacked, and still do. I’m not sure if this will honestly ever change. I cleaned my make-up brushes like, once more than usual in the year, and I did a little better with removing my make-up after a night out. My only real saving grace here is that I didn’t wear make-up for work, because who the hell has time for that at 5AM every morning?!

4. Never in my life have I been tidy and my organisational skills are just as shocking. With the help of a diary/planner and forcing myself to use it as much as were possible I actually think I did pretty well. I remained the same messy sod as ever although I did crack down and tidy my bedroom much more often than ever before, even finding that it no longer takes me as much time as it used to, 10 points to Davis, woooop!

5. Learn to drive… Hahaha, still didn’t happen! If it counts for anything I did send off for a form for information changes to my provisional license!

6. Finally something that went to plan! After ten years of knowing the placement and what I wanted, I finally got my tattoo in memory of my Granny, ten years after her death – 27th September 2016, it happened. If there’s one thing to come out of last year, this were honestly the one I wanted the most! I’m really happy with the artist that did the work and I know I’ll never have any regrets with this one… An elephant never forgets!


I have to say… I did a pants job of my goals for 2016, but – I made a start, that’s what’s important, right? After all I usually fail the lot in the first few days, each and every time, so by my own disastrous standards I’ve done pretty okay.. Will I be setting goals for myself this year? Hell yeah! Despite reaching them or not it’s the trying that counts and having something to at least try work towards helped to motivate and inspire me, this said – what would I like to accomplish in 2017?

1. Learn to Drive.
Yup, it’s here again, and like before this time I’m determined! I plan to send off my provisional for the relevant changes PRONTO then I can get on with booking some lessons finally. In an ideal world I’ll pass before the year is up!

2. Get my finances in order.
Without going into too much detail I have some odds and sods to pay off and plenty to save for. I hope I can finally get it sorted this year. The weight it will take from me will be unimaginable!

3. Be healthier.
I know this were there in 2016 and I failed miserably, however my appetite has diminished somewhat recently so who knows, maybe this could be the year I stop with the food binges?! Whilst I’m at it, I’m demoting alcohol to acquaintance status as opposed to best friend and I generally want to utilise my new treat to myself, the beauty that is my exercise bike… I will exhaust myself into developing a normal sleeping pattern!

4. Complete my endless household tasks!
I’ve lived here for seven years now and have yet to finish moving in, I have a ridiculous amount of shoes dumped in the cupboard and hallway of which I never wear, non started or unfinished house and garden projects… Everything! Well, I plan on compiling a thorough list in it’s entirety of the tasks I have to battle through and fully intend to accomplish them all once and for all!

5. Complete a course.
I stumbled upon a course last year, one of which has held my interest for quite some time.. This is purely for fun and personal fulfilment but this year I’d love to both start and complete this, with flying colours. I miss having some form of structured learning!


That’s pretty much the entirety of it.. Lets see if I can get anywhere with these ones. What were your goals last year and how well did you do with them? What do you yearn to achieve in 2017? Lets hold one another accountable, leave me a comment and together we can take over the world!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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15 thoughts on “5 Goals for 2017 and reflecting on the past year

  1. I think those goals are great my love. I honestly don’t remember which ones were my goals for last year, but I didn’t do them all. I did try like hell though and that’s what counts. This year, I want to mediate more, learn to drive a stick because I want to drift, more clean eating (lots of fruit as veggies–I was doing fine then I got cravings and all that progress went down the toilet, lol). And graduate with a fantastic GPA lmao. I pride myself in getting good grades as stressful as my classes may be. But I know I can do it lol.

    And don’t beat yourself up about last year’s goals. 2016 was a crap year for everyone lol. We get to redeem ourselves this year *fingers crossed*

    I had a major breakdown at the beginning of the year as well and I don’t know how I didn’t see it coming. The stress had been building for months when I finally cracked under the pressure. All that stress turned into anxiety and mild depression. It took a while to come around, and honestly, there were times I wasn’t sure I would make it out of it and be happy again, but like you mentioned, it was a work in progress. Still am. I’m not as anxious anymore but I do need to manage my stress so as to not get anxiety and panic attacks again.

    Anyway, my goals for this year are similar to yours.
    1) learn to drive (a stick for me) I can drive automatic but I’m bored by it already lol.
    2) financial order — I’m taking a personal finance class and I’m learning enough to know how to save money, how to budget, how to make the right decisions financially, cut spending on things I don’t need (that means makeup) and setting asides a savings and an emergency fund. I also have to put money aside for my son lol.
    3) be healthier — for me this means clean eating lol I probably won’t exercise until I’m done with school although it’s a bad idea to put it off. I’ll try yoga lol.
    4) household tasks — I have lots of things that need to be thrown out, put away, picked up, etc. I’m with you sister. My house needs to get organized!

    I have more goals in mind but this comment is already way too long lmao … my bad I got carried away. Only you know my goals for the year though 😉 I ended up not making a post because I didn’t think people cared enough to read my goals lol.

    But we can do this, you and I. We will get through the year and we will have succeeded in our goals.


    • Ha ha I had mine wrote about three different times in my planner just so I couldn’t forget them! Then having my recaps on here to spur me on into feeling a little more inspired meant that I were constantly reminded of them too. The trying is definitely what counts! That’s why I’m going to keep at it with the goal setting!

      You’re gonna totally nail your studies chick I just know you are! Yeah I think it really were, it sucks that you were in the same boat too, it’s strange because sometimes even when it’s kinda obvious, it’s still a bit of a shock when it happens! I can usually tell when I’m getting close to a breakdown and I could tell last year for quite a while, yet it still seemed to take me by surprise a little. If you ever feel like you need a chat I’m always here lovely, us girls have got to stick together! ❤

      I'm wanting to learn in a manual straight off, that way I can drive either! I think the gears are what I'll have the most trouble with when it comes to driving though but I'm sure we'll both be fine with it! It's my theory test that's making me the most nervous ha ha! You don't want to be my PA when it comes to money matters do you? I'm horrendous with mine because I just have so little of it! Looking for a full time job should hopefully help me out a bit though!

      Luckily I'm good on the exercise because I bought myself an exercise bike with my tax rebate! So once I get back into the swing of things I'll be able to go wild on that without even leaving the house, I can't wait ha ha, the diet is definitely the hardest for me! I love food just too much. Usually all the stuff that's worse for me, too.

      Hahahah aww well I feel privileged and I'd have totally cared enough to read a post had you done one, I'm sure there's plenty of others that would too, even if it were that they just want to be nosy ha ha! Honestly I think we'll smash them all this year! I've got a really good feeling about it! 😀 Good luck on the house organising though, that's gonna be a hard one with little man around!!! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yesss, we totally need to get inspired and motivated every once in a while, and writing things down works for me too. Something about writing things down makes me remember them much easier.
        No kidding, I remember thinking to myself “this is too much, I can’t handle it anymore, I need a break, I need a vacation” but none of that ever happened, so it did take me by surprise. Not so much that it happened, but rather the gravity of it and how intense it really got. I think that was the scariest part. People who don’t have anxiety have no clue how it feels. And same to you lovely, you can always reach me! 😀 too bad you don’t live in the states because I’d give you number for sure 😉
        You should, I recommend learning manual because I have been driving an automatic for 7 or 8 years and I need a new car and I hate limiting my searches to auto only. LOL. Also, manual cars save more gas per gallon (or so I’ve heard, lol). And I’ve already started learning, first gear is the hardest. I’m having trouble keeping enough acceleration and not letting go of the clutch too early. I’ve burned out several times already LMAO
        I’ve come up with a plan that works well for my husband and I. I’ve listed all our bills, including rent and utilities, groceries, gas money, and I’ve also tried to calculate how much money we would have left over after all that, and THEN, I calculate how much money I can put aside for savings, allowances, emergency fund, etc. The hardest thing is sticking to budgets because well, with groceries, that never works out LOL..
        Well good for you for exercising. I heard that helps with depression and anxiety because of all the endorphins that get released. Makes you feel more relaxed and at ease and also you sleep better. With exercise your appetite should become more “normal”. Oh I know! I love carbs! I can never leave them LOL.
        Aww thank you! 😀 I like being nosy too every once in a while LOL
        Yes, let’s do our best! 😀 This shall be best year yet 🙂


      • I’ve got to the point where I forget things so easily that I’m totally lost if I don’t write it down somewhere, I’m just trying to get into the habit of writing things down in an actual notebook though rather than a piece of paper, ’cause then I lose the paper! 😛 I like writing out my tasks for the next day in my planner before bed too, helps me relax better before nodding off!

        Yep I totally know what you mean! I were meant to be getting new hours at work that were going to be so much better for me, but they just kept messing me about with it constantly, I were just trying to hold on until I got the new hours but it didn’t end up happening, the full on break down came first!

        Hahah you’ll get there and ooo I didn’t know about them being cheaper to run, that’s definitely another good point! I’ve just downloaded a free theory test app so I’m going to start playing with that later on and see how I do! Yeah I’m hopeless with any kind of budget too, because then I see something and think hmm you haven’t treat yourself in a while, lets do it! 😛 Especially when it comes to books!!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol I have several pages in my planner to just jot down. That way it’s all together. Or I use my phone’s notepad to jot a bunch of things down lol. Oh man, I get super creative at night right before bed, it sucks! Lol. I have written several blog posts right before bed because otherwise next morning I’ll forget and the idea will be gone lol.
        So are you still on leave for work? Like are they holding your position for when you’re ready to go back? Or do you think you’ll just quit and find something better?
        Hahaha well you could also set aside money for “entertainment”. Literally no joke. I saw it on the book. I was like “huh…that’s not a bad idea…movie dates, dinner, concerts, etc”. Lol.


      • I’m the exact same! I’ll free up some time through the day and get nowhere with nothing, just nod off or waste it scrolling up and down Facebook… As soon as it gets to midnight and I ping awake and go on a mad one with the inspiration hahaha, so annoying! Especially at the minute when all I want to do is sleep. All.. The damn… Time!

        Yeah I’m on leave for just short of two weeks, I called the area manager and told him my plans to come back and refuse an extension from my GP… I asked for a meeting beforehand too as I need a few things sorting out and some new uniform! I’m just waiting on a call back to tell me when the meeting will be.. I’m looking for something new though still because I want full time hours!

        Haha yeah that’s something I’d probably need to do to be fair! Taylor and I are off to SlamDunk Festival in however many months, so there’s that for starters! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • and that’s great! I hope you work something out! 🙂 it’s always a good thing in terms of progress when you’re able to get out there again 🙂
        whats slamdunk festival? LOL I’ve never heard of that, is that some drinking festival like octoberfest? haha


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