#BeautiesOnFire – Destructive and Depraved: Death Eaters

It’s time again for another #BeautiesOnFire post, you voted on Twitter and decided that our theme for this week would be Harry Potter! Firstly, if you’re unsure as to what this whole #BeautiesOnFire thing is (where have you been hiding?) then please feel free to check out my introduction post below, additionally you may peruse the past themes.

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I’ve been feeling so excited by this weeks theme that I could spontaneously combust at any second. I’m such a huge Potter nerd it’s unreal, I’ve been feeling especially spellbound recently due to having re-read all of the books and re-watched the films. Pottermore is probably my most visited website right now and you’ll already know about all of this if you’ve read my recent monthly favourites. When the girls and I have been discussing theme ideas for our Twitter poll I’ve been bugging Beth week after week to re-run Harry Potter because it were getting many votes although kept being slightly overtaken by something else, now I can finally stop hounding the poor love. If you’re up to date with my posts then you’ll be aware of me sharing a Gryffindor inspired everyday make-up look for our book and film week, I’ve had too many ideas snaking around my thoughts though, and with Halloween in a few days time when would be better to conjure up another creation?


I wanted to keep things simple again today like I have with my other Halloween looks this year, I feel that most tutorials out there lately seem to be of the most complicated variety whilst many of us, myself included, are still newbies in the world of Halloween make-up. This being said, things got a little Lestrange for me today, that’s right, today’s look is straight outta Azkaban, the dangerous and deadly Bellatrix.

So since she’s fresh from a long stint in the morbid magical prison, surrounded by foul, soul sucking dementors, I figured a very light covering of foundation would be enough. I still chose to use MAC however, simply because it’s my lightest foundation shade. I used black eyeshadow to contour the face, giving more intensity to the inner area nearest my mouth to create a sunken gaunt effect. I used the same eyeshadow to fill my eyebrows a little with a rather careless application. I wanted to appear as though sleep were a distant memory, therefore I were given the perfect reason to leave my current excess of under eye bags and dark circles, helping with my overall look. I simply finished the eyes with an extremely messy application of black shadow and liner, completed with mascara. I lightly outlined my lips with a black kohl eyeliner, filling them in with this on the outer corners and adding an old lipstick I acquired from my Mom a while ago, of which turned out to be incredibly creamy and applied like magic. For my hair I simply plaited it after washing, leaving it to dry naturally like this overnight. After taking out the plait I then teased the roots of my hair to give added volume and then bunched up a section to the side extremely messily like Bella’s wild locks. Finish this off with your favourite choice of hairspray.


MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – NW13
George Silk Finish Pressed Powder – No 01 Translucent
Make-Up Revolution London Baked Highlighter – Hidden Lights
Make-Up Revolution London Acid Brights Palette – Black
Bourjois Liner Feutre – 11 Noir
P.S, Love Liquid Liner – Black
P.S, Love Kohl Liner – Black
Model’s Own Hyper Eyes Mascara
P.S, Love Carbon Black Mascara
Avon Spectrum 100 Lipstick – Russet

Will you be mixing up some Polyjuice potion to recreate this look? Which Harry Potter villain has you under the imperious curse? I’d love to use legilimency to find out your thoughts but until then why not send me and owl? Then please do feel free to apparate over to Everything&Nothin’ for everyone else’s hexes and charms!

With a drop of Amortentia,
Disaster Davis x

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19 thoughts on “#BeautiesOnFire – Destructive and Depraved: Death Eaters

    • I’m so happy to hear that you think so! Thank you so much lovely, I’d originally planned something a lot more creative for this weeks theme but I’ve been procrastinating sooo much recently and I couldn’t decide which of my ideas to use.. It got to this morning and I still had nothing so I were just like, oh heck… Bellatrix will have to do hahaha.

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    • Thank you! She plays the part of a villain so well, she’s on par with Voldemort.. I had absolute pure hatred for her when she killed Sirius, then again when her dagger got Dobby. Probably the two most upsetting parts of the books, alongside the murder of Hedwig. 😦 She’s my definite favourite in terms of style.

      Liked by 1 person

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